A Geographic Life

Years ago, a teacher co-worker overhead me say the best day of my month was finding a new National Geographic in the mailbox.  She quickly explained she and her husband were downsizing their possessions in the face of a chronic illness and asked if I would like their 30 year collection of National Geographics.  Within … Continue reading A Geographic Life


Friendly Neighborhood Unschoolers

Ms.6:  Kids on the street!!!  (Proceeds to chase them down on her bike whilst wearing her nightgown) Me:  Oh, is school already out?  We homeschool so I'm not sure when the school year ends. New Dad:  We homeschool too!  And actually, we don't pay any attention to school schedules because we unschool....which is really best … Continue reading Friendly Neighborhood Unschoolers

Unschooling Myself & The Future

Even though I matriculated through a formal education, I often feel like an unschooler.  I am self-taught in every topic I hold dear.  Google, peer-reviewed research, textbooks, experts, webinars, Facebook groups, email list serves,  youtube videos, blogs and deep discussions with likeminded friends have formed the basis of my knowledge on many topics.  My personal … Continue reading Unschooling Myself & The Future