10 Ways to Unschool a Traditional Schooler

Perhaps you read Unschool Day and your kids attend a traditional school — can unschool philosophies play a role in your life?  I am well versed in the mainstream educational model and I think even a touch of unschool mentality can work wonders during the school day.

  1. Teach your children experiences are more important than a letter grade on a report card.
  2. Talk to your child’s teachers about restricting homework so kids can PLAY after school!
  3. Consider fewer afterschool activities….more PLAY time!
  4. Life will march on if your kids are occasionally late to school because they need more sleep.
  5. Life will also march on if you pull your kids out of school for a fun family field trip.
  6. Research the money trail of standardized tests.  Just who is profiting from these often anxiety-ridden tests?
  7. Even better, opt out of standardized tests and let your school district know your reasons why.
  8. Does your child’s teacher use the “stoplight” behavior model?   Positive Discipline in the classroom can change the culture of your child’s classroom from one of following rules to avoid punishment to making good choices because it is the right thing to do.  This level of changemaker might be a hard row to hoe but our kids are worth it.
  9. Fight against junk food in schools.  Please.
  10. If unschooling calls your name but life makes it impossible for you to be at home during the day, think outside the box.  After all, that is what unschool days are all about.

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