Gimme Gimme Gimel!

We celebrate Hanukkah and we are not Jewish.  I am well aware we have not experienced the centuries of Jewish struggles and therefore have no right to claim the celebrations since we can't claim the persecution.  But, December is a special month of many winter holidays and we do our best to honor and appreciate … Continue reading Gimme Gimme Gimel!


Kids’ Top 5 Christmas Songs of 2017

We have hundreds of Christmas songs on our computer organized into multiple playlists.  Listening to holiday tunes is an important tradition to my family and a major highlight of the season.  We are a music loving family but it can get intense during December when the pressure is on to get your fill of the … Continue reading Kids’ Top 5 Christmas Songs of 2017

The Reason For Our Season: Winter Solstice

The jewel in our winter holiday crown is the Winter Solstice -- the traditional winter holiday and the ancient origin to all modern religious holidays.  While the Winter Solstice celebrates the annual astrological event of the longest night of the year, the symbolism and mysticism of this special day run deep. All traditional cultures celebrate Winter Solstice … Continue reading The Reason For Our Season: Winter Solstice