Gimme Gimme Gimel!

We celebrate Hanukkah and we are not Jewish.  I am well aware we have not experienced the centuries of Jewish struggles and therefore have no right to claim the celebrations since we can’t claim the persecution.  But, December is a special month of many winter holidays and we do our best to honor and appreciate (not appropriate!) cultures different than our own in order to learn more about our world and ourselves.  After all, it would be a sad December if all we got was the American consumer-oriented Santa and an elf that tattles to Santa for my children’s poor choices.  So we are rocking with the Maccabeats during these 8 crazy nights!

And because we are currently re-obsessed with YouTube, we watched a sweet little cartoon regarding the story of Hanukkah.

And we listened to this video as we lit our menorah for the first night of Hanukkah.

Ms.7 is our dreidel game champion with two nights of clearing out everyone’s pockets of their plastic coins.  She is insistent she will be “The 8 Night Champion of Dreidel”.  Who knows what the next 6 nights will bring . . . all I know for certain is that there is plenty of room for gambling, celebrating and cultural appreciating during our unschool day.

And if there is room for the Maccabeats, there is room for Neil Diamond singing The Chanukah Song.  Rock on!


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