Reading Lesson “Rules”

Rules for Mr.9’s reading lessons:

  1. He will participate for exactly 30 minutes.  No more and no less.
  2. He prefers to sit outside on the front porch.  Yes, please!
  3. I try to correct his reading with as little verbiage as possible.  My corrections are variations of this: look for the blend, find the root word, cover up the suffix,  ar says /are/, that is a long o, silent e and long a, when two vowels go a walking – the first one does the talking, ea – long ee sound, silent w (or k), etc.  Basically, I verbalize the phonics rules he needs to decode a word.  There has been a definite shift in more self-correction over the past couple of weeks which is a huge step in reading fluency.
  4. I must stay patient or nothing will be accomplished.
  5. Mr.4 and Ms.7 are allowed near but not too near.
  6. And of course, he isn’t going to entertain the thought of 30 minutes of reading aloud if a carrot isn’t dangling in his face — the mysterious pack of 3 Pokemon cards.  Which cards will it be?  Gasps of all gasps, what if it is a GX?!?  Most likely, they are low level cards he already owns but all of the world’s possibilities exist in that closed pack of cards which makes for an excited little fan.

To quote Mr.9 regarding why he is so eager to do a reading lesson:

“1.  I want more Pokemon cards.  2.  I want to read better.  3. I like reading with you.”

I’m just so proud.  I could write much more but I’ll leave it there.

Unschool days for the win!



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