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Hello!  As a dear and devoted reader, you might have noticed I am no longer blogging about our homeschool life at Unschool Day.   I truly enjoyed developing and writing about homeschooling.  After writing 70 posts about unschooling, I really feel like I’ve stepped beyond the need to label all these schooling techniques.  You do you.  I do me.    There might be a big picture educational concept you emulate but the reality is successful homeschooling is all about adapting life to your family’s unique needs.  I like that.  It works for me.  It should work for you too.

So we are adapting again.  This time in a big way.  This fall we fly to Santiago, Chile to begin our worldschooling adventure of a lifetime!  We are liquidating our belongings, selling the house, selling the car, saving just a few things with family and hitting the road in a big way.  I do hope you will follow me over to to follow our adventures.  I will be sharing lots of pictures to document our day-to-day experiences living, learning and playing in exotic new cultures.



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