Meet Unschool Mom

A lifetime ago, I was a student and then a teacher in the public school system.  I questioned plenty with deep concern for the welfare of these small children in my charge —  homework, standardized tests, punitive tactics to coerce children into obedience, endless time wasted in transitions, lack of unstructured playtime, quality of the subsidized cafeteria food.  It bothered me to no end  but I knew no other way.

Then I had my own small children in my charge.  One, two, and finally, number three, beautifully born in 5 years.  Public school was the path I knew but not the path I wanted or the path allowed to my unvaccinated children in Mississippi.  We had no say in the matter.  My mind broadened to homeschool as a matter of unavoidable fact for my family, even after we moved from Mississippi.   We homeschool but not “school at home” –no tests, no schedules, no expectations based on age rather than unique ability.

My kids play because that is how kids learn.  My kids participate in real life.  My kids watch me volunteer with women and babies from different backgrounds and cultures.  My kids play outside.  My kids exercise.  My kids have freedom with their time.  My kids sleep when they are tired.  My kids eat real food when they are hungry.

My kids do all of this and more within our unschool day……24 hours of learning.