The Reason For Our Season: Winter Solstice

The jewel in our winter holiday crown is the Winter Solstice -- the traditional winter holiday and the ancient origin to all modern religious holidays.  While the Winter Solstice celebrates the annual astrological event of the longest night of the year, the symbolism and mysticism of this special day run deep. All traditional cultures celebrate Winter Solstice … Continue reading The Reason For Our Season: Winter Solstice


St. Nick’s Community Service Project

Even though next year's St Nicholas Day might exclusively focus on Krampus and his many variations, this year's holiday was earmarked for a "community service project".  The kids chose to make bags to pass out to the regular panhandlers we see at main intersections in town.  Mr.9 and Ms.7 decided the gallon ziplock bags needed … Continue reading St. Nick’s Community Service Project