Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline plays an important role during our Unschool Day.  Discipline means to teach rather than punish or make children feel badly for their childish choices.  Positive Discipline is a change in the parenting mindset, focusing on loving guidance to help our children become their very best.  Positive Discipline teaches without using punishments or rewards.  The goal is for our children to make their best choices because it is the right thing to do, not out of fear of punishment or hopes for a reward via praise or prizes.

The topic of Positive Discipline is an ongoing blog series as raising our children is an integral aspect of our unschooling journey:

  1. Positive Discipline and Unschooling
  2. Positive Discipline:  Relationship vs. Behavior
  3. Positive Discipline:  Respond vs. React
  4. Chore Time: Ask for help rather than demand compliance
  5. Positive Discipline: No Punishments and No Rewards
  6. Positive Discipline:  Forgiveness
  7. Postitive Discipline:  Greedy vs. Grateful