First Lessons in Economics

The entrepreneur bug hit this unschool house big time today.  And this time, I'm making sure proper economic terms are used to describe the business actions taking place.   Mr.9 and I discussed how he didn't have to put out any money on supplies or manpower in order to create his home-made Pokemon cards so … Continue reading First Lessons in Economics


Girl and Her Bunny

Ms.6 is bunny obsessed. She constantly shares long discourses on normal bunny behavior and bunny care she learned from youtube videos.   Our rabbit, Poopers, is her constant companion - whether he likes it or not.  I can't imagine he is a fan of "the seize and squeeze" technique she has perfected but she is quick … Continue reading Girl and Her Bunny

Still working on the Pokemon store…..

**We did it!**  Visit for Mr.8's online Pokemon card store! Mr.8's dedication to his Pokemon store extended through today as he diligently reminded me of every detail left undone and every new idea as it popped into his head.  The morning was spent setting everything up on only to realize it didn't have … Continue reading Still working on the Pokemon store…..

Pokemon Store, by Mr.8

**We did it!**  Visit for Mr.8's online Pokemon card store! Mr.8 is an entrepreneur, no doubt.  He constantly schemes to make money, from the legitimate to the far-fetched fantasy.  He talks about opening his own shop when he is an adult and we often discuss business terms like profit, overhead, salary, wage, taxes etc. … Continue reading Pokemon Store, by Mr.8