Reading Lesson “Rules”

Rules for Mr.9's reading lessons: He will participate for exactly 30 minutes.  No more and no less. He prefers to sit outside on the front porch.  Yes, please! I try to correct his reading with as little verbiage as possible.  My corrections are variations of this: look for the blend, find the root word, cover … Continue reading Reading Lesson “Rules”


Folks, we have a reader!

Mr.9's reading skills have been a common topic on Unschool Day since this blog's  inception.  If you are a new reader, this is the bottom line:  the kid has loved books since he was a tiny toddler, he loves listening to long complex audiobooks, he has a huge vocabulary, his syntactical structure is phenomenal, he … Continue reading Folks, we have a reader!

We are the experts of our children.

It's been hard getting back in the blogging groove post-Irma.  We survived.  Were you worried?  My most concerning moments were seeing mold all over the inside of the refrigerator and smelling rotten fermented vegetables after 5 days without power.  Thankfully, my parents were lovely hosts during our "evacuation, not vacation" , our house had no damage … Continue reading We are the experts of our children.

How unschoolers learn to read according to Dr. Peter Gray.

I am a big fan of Dr. Peter Gray.  He is a research professor whose educational philosophies align perfectly with mine:  let the kids play and they will learn.  In my circle of influence, he is wildly popular and with good reason - he trusts kids are designed to learn everything they need to know … Continue reading How unschoolers learn to read according to Dr. Peter Gray.

How to Play “Shoot the Map”: A Geography Game

Mr.8 developed a game as I cooked dinner tonight.  A game I wish I could take credit for, except if I was the creator, enthusiasm would be low and good attitudes likely lacking.  But, since Mr.8 had personal ownership over the activity, exciting hands-on learning reigned. How to Play "Shoot the Map":  A Geography Game … Continue reading How to Play “Shoot the Map”: A Geography Game