Our Path to Healing, pt.1

I internally debated for quite a while whether Unschool Day was the appropriate venue for my family's story of healing our bodies with real food.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how our story is perfectly aligned with a blog about unique learning styles and individual paths to success.  My … Continue reading Our Path to Healing, pt.1


culling the toys, big time

Last night, I did something I've been dreading.  I knew it was vital for my sanity but it had evaded an action plan for several weeks.  My concern was kickback and hurt feelings from the kids.  I built up a scenario in my head of crying, fussing and arguments. I was wrong. They happily culled … Continue reading culling the toys, big time

Unschooling Myself & The Future

Even though I matriculated through a formal education, I often feel like an unschooler.  I am self-taught in every topic I hold dear.  Google, peer-reviewed research, textbooks, experts, webinars, Facebook groups, email list serves,  youtube videos, blogs and deep discussions with likeminded friends have formed the basis of my knowledge on many topics.  My personal … Continue reading Unschooling Myself & The Future