Fractions: Unschool Style

Mr.9:  Ooh, Ms.7 just ate half the head of lettuce!   Oooh!!! Ms.7:  I did not eat half! Mr.9:  Ok, it is more like half of a half.  No!  I think it was a fourth of a fourth. Me:  Hmmm.  I'm not great with fractions.  I wonder how much a fourth of a fourth is. … Continue reading Fractions: Unschool Style


Social Media Excerpt: “What if they hate math?”

Even though I have mixed feelings about Facebook -- hello, Big Brother! -- it is my constant source of information sharing with likeminded people.  For that, the good outweighs the bad and I can't help but appreciate the support I give and receive to my online friends.  Today was a perfect example within one of … Continue reading Social Media Excerpt: “What if they hate math?”