Learning Through Play

A friend shared pictures of our morning at the local science center with the caption of "learning through play is what it is all about".  Seeing her perspective of this morning got my brain rolling.  Just what did our horde of kids learn through play this morning? The new traveling exhibit highlighted the power of … Continue reading Learning Through Play


culling the toys, big time

Last night, I did something I've been dreading.  I knew it was vital for my sanity but it had evaded an action plan for several weeks.  My concern was kickback and hurt feelings from the kids.  I built up a scenario in my head of crying, fussing and arguments. I was wrong. They happily culled … Continue reading culling the toys, big time

How to Play “Shoot the Map”: A Geography Game

Mr.8 developed a game as I cooked dinner tonight.  A game I wish I could take credit for, except if I was the creator, enthusiasm would be low and good attitudes likely lacking.  But, since Mr.8 had personal ownership over the activity, exciting hands-on learning reigned. How to Play "Shoot the Map":  A Geography Game … Continue reading How to Play “Shoot the Map”: A Geography Game