We are the experts of our children.

It's been hard getting back in the blogging groove post-Irma.  We survived.  Were you worried?  My most concerning moments were seeing mold all over the inside of the refrigerator and smelling rotten fermented vegetables after 5 days without power.  Thankfully, my parents were lovely hosts during our "evacuation, not vacation" , our house had no damage … Continue reading We are the experts of our children.


Today’s Unschool Day #1

7:30 -- Our internal alarm clocks are ringing! 8:00 -- I press the snooze button on my internal alarm clock so the children are watching a cartoon of each child's choosing.  That's how we roll with just one screen in the house. 8:30 -- I am in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning.  As usual.  Typical … Continue reading Today’s Unschool Day #1