Art Appreciation Applications

My children's appreciation of art is important to me . . . so I try to make it important to them.  Art covers the walls of our house -- an elaborate tapestry from a trip to India, a great-aunt's watercolors and my beloved batiks featuring a female nude form the kids' family favorites.  And, of … Continue reading Art Appreciation Applications


How To: Bunny Care by Ms.7

Ms.7 is bunny crazy.  She is the proud owner of Silky, a Holland Lop.  Unschooling is life schooling in our family.  Pet care is an important part of our lives!  The following is straight from her mouth on how to take care of bunnies: Bunnies need hay and water and pellets.  They need more hay than … Continue reading How To: Bunny Care by Ms.7

We are the experts of our children.

It's been hard getting back in the blogging groove post-Irma.  We survived.  Were you worried?  My most concerning moments were seeing mold all over the inside of the refrigerator and smelling rotten fermented vegetables after 5 days without power.  Thankfully, my parents were lovely hosts during our "evacuation, not vacation" , our house had no damage … Continue reading We are the experts of our children.